BJ88 Philippines: Famous Sabong Breeders You Should Know.

The world of online sabong is brimming with skilled breeders who have dedicated their lives to perfecting the bloodlines of fighting cocks. Their expertise and dedication have produced generations of champions, leaving a lasting impact on the sport. As you navigate the exciting arena of online sabong at BJ88 Philippines, learning about these legendary breeders can be immensely informative and insightful.

In the Philippines, the tradition of sabong runs deep, with generations honing their skills in breeding and training fighting cocks. These dedicated individuals have produced champions that have thrilled audiences and left their mark on this beloved sport. BJ88 Philippines, a leading platform for online sabong, recognizes the significance of these breeders and offers users the opportunity to experience their bloodlines firsthand.

Renowned Sabong Breeders You Should Know:

Cardo Sison

  • Location: Luzon
  • Specialties: Kelso, Sweater
  • Achievements: Grand Champion in World Slasher Cup 2022

Cardo Sison is a legendary figure in the sabong community, renowned for his mastery in breeding Kelso and Sweater lines. His roosters consistently deliver powerful performances, earning him the prestigious title of Grand Champion in the 2022 World Slasher Cup.

Manong Ernie

  • Location: Visayas
  • Specialties: Roundhead, Hatch
  • Achievements: Multiple Derby Champion titles

Manong Ernie is a respected breeder known for his expertise in developing Roundhead and Hatch bloodlines. His dedication to breeding has resulted in numerous Derby Champion titles, solidifying his reputation as a top breeder in the Visayas region.

Bossing Jhun

  • Location: Mindanao
  • Specialties: Claret, Brown Red
  • Achievements: Known for breeding aggressive and fast roosters

Bossing Jhun has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in Mindanao, specializing in breeding aggressive and fast Claret and Brown Red roosters. His roosters are highly sought after for their fearlessness and impressive fighting styles.

Aling Nena

  • Location: Luzon
  • Specialties: Mixed breeds
  • Achievements: Recognized for her unique breeding techniques and bloodlines

Aling Nena is a pioneer in the sabong scene, known for her innovative approach to breeding. Her expertise in mixing bloodlines has resulted in the development of unique and powerful roosters, earning her respect and admiration within the community.

Mang Jose

  • Location: Visayas
  • Specialties: Imported breeds
  • Achievements: Successfully bred and raised several champion roosters

Mang Jose’s dedication to importing and breeding champion bloodlines has earned him a prominent place in the Visayas sabong community. His roosters have consistently performed at the highest level, solidifying his reputation as a skilled and knowledgeable breeder.


These are just a few of the numerous renowned sabong breeders who have contributed significantly to the sport. By understanding their achievements and specialties, you can gain valuable insights into the world of sabong and make informed decisions when selecting roosters for online betting at BJ88 Philippines. So, dive into the rich history of sabong breeding and learn from the best as you navigate the exciting world of online sabong.